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NYWEBRANK was founded in 1999 to create a site for my wife. I created another and then another. Painters, landscapers, private investigators, wedding DJ, dog trainer, pet sitter, property manager and more.

Now, I’m in Venice FL and I’ve started fresh, meet GREAT WHITE.


About Great White Website Services Louie Montan
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Our Mission

Great White exists to empower small businesses with a website that is beautiful, is productive and they can be proud of. My whole goal is to get your phone ringing and filling your calendar with work.

What We Do

Great White takes an individualized approach with each project. We begin by getting to know you, understanding your business and your goals. Throughout your website project, we take a personalized approach by staying in close contact every step of the way.

Our History

We are not a large web development firm. We are not a medium web development company. Great White is not even a small web design company, we are a tiny team of one. My first web design company was called NY Web Rank and I ran it from my home on Long Island.

My first customer was my soon to be wife’s personal chef company Shilloh. I learned and became proficient in Windows FrontPage. She got many compliments on its design and I was asked to create websites for other people. I took classes in html, search engine optimization and marketing. Although all of my websites are made with WordPress these days, I’ve continued my informal learning to develop a unique perspective on creating websites.

My focus has always been to make my clients’ sites very personal. The voice you hear in your head as you read the words on my websites are the voice of the business owner. My client’s customers would comment, “I felt like I knew you before I met you from reading your website”.

About Great White Website Services Louie Montan
About Great White Website Services

Recently, I’ve decided to make Venice, Florida my home. It’s a beautiful city on the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve closed NY Web Rank and created Great White to produced websites.

Websites For Small Businesses

I believe small business owners need a website that has personality, a flavor, a sensibility that a bigger company does not have the luxury to reveal. A small business site needs to include something that reflects the personality, creativity and uniqueness of its owner. Why should a customer buy from a smaller business?

How many times do you see a small business site that is bland, non-imaginative or just plain bad? How many sites do you visit and you’re not sure what the company does?

Custom Websites

I strive to capture what is unique about the owner, company and business. Larger companies often treat their customers like a number. Larger companies often do not build a relationship with their customers. But if the small business owner can’t set themselves apart from a corporation they will lose. I try to highlight the small business owners’ approach.

Why should a prospective customer use your services if they can get it from a larger company? What is unique about your business? Let’s work together to make your next customer aware of your uniqueness.

About Great White Website Services background

Our 6-D process

About Great White Website Services background



Research, research, research. Figure out what your industry is all about. Who your competition is? What makes you different. Where you need to be.



Determine who your best customers are and organize an effective intention to get your business in front of their eyes.



I am an expert of creating beautiful websites but it has to pass your test. I take your specific tastes into account when I make your website.



Generate a company website you and your employees are proud of, that your customers feel confident they found the solution to their problem.



Implement a precise plan to broadcast your message with powerful content on your website, social media and videos.



A professional, polished looking website that functions well and encourages your customers to make the decision to choose you.

Website Services

Affordable web design doesn’t need to look cheap. I will build a website for your business that looks & responds in a way that you will be proud of.

Great White takes an individualized approach with each project. We begin by getting to know you, understanding your business and your goals. Throughout your website project, we take a personalized approach by staying in close contact every step of the way.

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